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Successful aging and dementia prevention in older persons is simple and cost-effective.  The successful management of high blood pressure and high cholesterol can reduce the likelihood of many other diseases in addition to dementia.  Depression is a common disorder that is easily treated with appropriate medication.  Responsible drinking for the elder diminishes the risk of health problems and injuries.  Encouraging a life of physical, intellectual and spiritual activity carries no cost or risk to the patient and might produce substantial benefits. Most of these interventions can be done at home.  Click here to see Consumer Guide Section.

Older patients should realize that their life choices may impact their aging process.  Successful aging programs can be implemented in all age groups and patients should be empowered to recognize that they control much of their destiny.

10 Commandments of Preventing Dementia
Successfull Aging for Persons over age 65

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Protecting blood vessels
Consumer guide to about untreated depression
Consumer guide to dietary issues
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Consumer guide to the metabolic syndrome
Beating the metabolic syndrome
Consumer Guide to genetics
Do my genes determine my fate?
Medications that Control Cholesterol and Triglycerides
Consumer guide to statins
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Consumer guide to safe drinking
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Consumer Guide to Memory Exercises

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